Travel software services for digital application


TIH is introducing a new set of plug-and-play travel software services for tourism businesses to use in their digital channels. This can be easily drawn via Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) so that you can enhance your customers' experiences. Whether you are looking to personalise your apps and websites to your customers' needs or enhance their ability to navigate with ease and plan on the go, these services will be important for you.



Enhanced Navigation Service

For consumers to navigate Singapore with ease, you can draw upon this service and customise for your digital channels, a range of navigational and routing APIs, coupled with information on key places of interests and experiences.

To find out more on how to integrate via APIs, click here.



Recommendation Engine

Personalise your customers' experiences, through activity suggestions, based on data insights on their needs, profiles and preferences. 

To find out more about how to integrate via APIs, click here.



Coming up next: Smart Itinerary Planner

Empower your customers to create their own Singapore itinerary. The smart planner generates itineraries based on visitor preferences and other factors such as traffic, weather and opening hours, so that travellers can enjoy a seamless visitor experience, customised just for them.

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