Made in Singapore: 6 Edible Souvenirs

Food souvenirs literally offer tourists delicious memories of a destination. Visitors tend to look out for interesting gifts to bring back to their loved ones, so here are some mouth-watering Singaporean souvenirs your clients might want to pick up before flying off:

Local spreads

Straits Preserves Singapore

Whether for breakfast, tea or snack, these spreads bring home the flavours of Singapore. A suggestion for visitors would be to pick up a jar of kaya (coconut jam) from Ya Kun, which has stores islandwide. The kaya jars come in regular sizes as well as mini ones so one can pack up a few to share with friends (from S$4). There is also marmalade from Straits Preserves Singapore​ (about S$15); these award-winning makers of tropical marmalade offer their products in flavours like calamansi and ginger.



Ya Kun – Tel: +65 6222 4567, Email:;

Straits Preserves Singapore – Email:

Granola mixes

Many would probably think granola is a western breakfast staple, but local company Eastern Granola’s cereal mixes will definitely change one’s mind. Think granola with Asian flavours like Milo (a well-loved chocolate malt and energy drink) and even biryani (a spicy Indian meat and rice dish). Prices start from S$16 per 500g.

Tel: +65 8428 6236, Email:

Cookies with a twist

The Cookie Museum

For anyone who might appreciate cookies in flavours other than chocolate chip or oatmeal and raisin, The Cookie Museum (three outlets at Raffles City Shopping Centre, Marina Square and Takashimaya) makes these snacks with intriguing flavours such as nasi lemak (Malay coconut rice with side dishes) and laksa (Straits-Chinese spicy noodle broth), all of which are part of the Heritage Flavours series (S$47 per tin).

Tel: +65 6749 7496,


Chinese jerky

Better known as bak kwa (barbecued sweet meat similar to beef jerky), this Chinese delicacy is a popular snack during the festive season of Chinese New Year. For a premium option, patrons may want to choose the US Berkshire Pork (Kurobuta) bak kwa (S$17.50 for 300g) from Fragrance, a well-known chain whose recipes have been perfected since 1969.

Tel: +65 6257 8608, Email:

Food kits

Prima Taste makes food kits (from S$6) for anyone who wants to cook up and recreate favourite local fare. Options like chicken rice, laksa (Straits-Chinese spicy noodle broth), and even Halal options like mee rebus (noodles in a thick spicy-sweet gravy), are an easy, no fuss way to prepare a classic Singaporean meal in the comfort of one’s own home. Prima Taste products are found at most grocery stores, such as NTUC and Cold Storage.

Tel: +65 6559 2393, Email: