Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • TIH replaces STB’s Content Hub, introducing not only a variety of Singapore images and videos but also information on various tourism offerings and plug-and-play travel software services, for use in your digital channels. With TIH, you can contribute and extract images and videos as well as important business information such as location and opening hours. Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) are also available on the TIH Developer Portal, which allow for real-time updates across TIH’s network of digital channels.

  • For TIH’s Terms of Use, please click here.

    TIH is intended to be an open digital resource platform for tourism businesses to have access to information on Singapore’s tourism offerings and travel software services.

    As such, information, images and videos contributed/uploaded should have global, perpetual, and royalty free rights that are sub-licensable to third parties. Any modifications, derivatives or adaptations of this content should be permitted. This content should also contain the rights to be used across different platforms (e.g. online, offline, commercial, editorial, broadcast).

Coming On-board TIH

  • All are welcomed to register with TIH and you could do so, as:

    (i) Business users: Users from local or overseas companies who are looking to access free-to-use media assets and information on tourism offerings through the TIH website or through direct API integration. Users from companies with Corppass can also contribute media assets and tourism offerings on TIH.

    (ii) Developers: Technology providers who are looking for tourism-related information and/or travel software services to power their websites, mobile apps or kiosks via direct API integration.

    (iii) Basic users: Individuals who are looking to access tourism-related images, videos, and 3D models.

  • To register, you will need to provide your organisation information (for business users and developers), personal contact information and a valid email address for verification purposes.  

    For users from Corppass-registered businesses, your Singpass linked to your company's Corppass account[1] is required for login. For details on Corppass, please visit Please note that business users are required to log in with their Singpass credentials to access the TIH portal.

    For local individuals, a Singpass[2] account is required for login. For details on Singpass, please visit

    For all other users, registration for a TIH account would be with a valid email address.


    [1] Corppass is a corporate digital identity for local businesses and other entities (such as non-profit organisations and associations) to connect with Government agencies online. Please take note that from 11 Apr 2021, you will be required to login to government digital services for businesses (G2B) using Singpass instead of Corppass.  

    [2] A Singapore personal access (password) for individuals to connect and transact with the Government. 

  • The TIH Developer Portal provides access to the Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) which allow businesses to access the Tourism Offerings and Media Assetson TIH. With an API integration, updates on TIH can be reflected on your platform automatically.

    For businesses and developers, you are able to request for an API key during registration or in your profile settings. An API key will then be sent to your email which will grant you access to TIH's APIs. 

  • Multiple user accounts can be created for your business. Each user account has different access rights. You will be able to see your user account role in your dashboard. 

    There are 3 main business user account roles:

    (i) Business Product Admin is the main user account role which has access to manage your organisation’s users, oversees and manage the entire organisation’s content, which includes contributing, updating and deleting content, and can list your business detials on the Business Directory. Please note that every organisation can have up to 2 Business Product Admins.

    (ii) Business Product User can contribute and manage their own content and can view and download all Tourism Offerings and Media Assets.

    iii) Business User can view and download all Tourism Offerings and Media Assets.

  • In My Settings, upon registration, you will need to check a box which will provide the necessary permission to have your business information published on the directory.

    Please note that only a Business Product Admin is granted this access. For more information on user roles, please refer to Question 5 above.

Application Programme Interface (API) Integration

  • APIs are a set of formalised tools that allow for seamless communication between various software components. By integrating with TIH, your content will be proliferated and dynamically updated across our entire network of tourism players instantly just by listing and updating your products once. APIs also allow for greater customisation in delivering information and services, giving you the flexibility to personalise your apps and websites to suit your customers’ needs.

  • Your Content Management System (CMS) can easily integrate with TIH via RESTful[1] APIs. It is recommended to engage a developer to make an API call to TIH using JavaScript or JQuery function. Each API call is authorised through an issued API key which can be requested during registration or in your profile settings.

    More information is available in the TIH Developer Portal.


    [1]RESTful API uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data and is based on a stateless, client-server, cacheable communications protocol.

  • TIH has 2 types of APIs available.

    (i) Content and Media User APIs allow your apps and websites to read and display data from TIH. You will be able to access TIH Tourism Offerings and Media Assets.

    (ii) Content and Media Provider APIs allow you to contribute important business information which will be automatically updated real time across TIH’s network of tourism-related platforms. This will help create more exposure for your Tourism Offerings to reach more channels and broaden your consumer base. 

    By regularly accessing the Developer Portal, you can keep up-to-date with the latest API enhancements. 

Contributing Content

  • To contribute content on your Singapore-related Tourism Offerings, you will need to register and login as a Business Product User or a Business Product Admin, after which you could go to “Manage Content”, select “Add Tourism Offering” or "Add Media Assets" to create and publish your product on the Tourism Offering or Media Assets pages.

  • It is recommended for all images to have a minimum resolution of at least 1000 x 667 pixels, in landscape orientation and to follow a ratio of 4:3. File size should also not exceed 20MB and should be in .jpg or .png format. Thumbnail images are recommended to have dimensions of 400 x 300 pixels at 72 dpi.

  • You should adhere to TIH's Terms of Use as the aim of TIH is to connect tourism businesses and support the sharing of content to a much wider audience.

    As such, you will not be able to assign rights to your content.

Accessing Content

Accessing Services

  • TIH has plug-and-play travel software services for tourism businesses to use in their digital channels. This can be easily drawn via Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) so that you can enhance your customers' experiences.

    More information on TIH's Travel Software Services can be found here.


  • For Singpass users, please follow the instructions on the Singpass website to reset your password.

    For users who registed with Email address, click “Forgot Password” on the login page and reset your password through the password reset link sent to your email.