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API Services | TIH
API Services | TIH

API Services for Your Digital Channels

Automate information transfer between TIH and your digital channels

Extract Singapore Tourism Content

Leverage on TIH's APIs to efficiently extract rich tourism offerings' information across various content categories in real-time.

Market Your Singapore Tourism Offerings

Integrate your digital channels with TIH to populate your tourism offerings in real-time for a wider exposure to our user base and reach more visitors through STB's marketing channels such as the Visit Singapore Travel Guide App, tourism partners' websites and apps that extract content from our platform.

API Services | TIH

Enhanced Navigation

Suggest tourism offerings along your visitors' navigational route to their selected destination.

Visit Singapore Account

Integrate with our Visit Singapore Account service for a seamless and secure way for your customers to log into your digital channels.

Recommendation Engine

Recommend tourism offerings based on your customers' needs, profiles and preferences for a personalised experience.

Itinerary Planner

Generate itineraries for your customers based on their travel dates and preferences for a more curated exploration of Singapore tourism offerings.

API Services | TIH

Integrate your digital channels with TIH's API services

Visit Developer Portal

Register for a TIH account to access our API services.