Travel Software Services

Easily drawn via Application Programming Interface (API), Travel Software Services allow you to enhance your customers' experience on your digital channels.


Visit Singapore Account Service

Need a fast and secure way to authenticate customers' user accounts? Integrate our Visit Singapore Account Service on your digital platform for customers to log in using their Visit Singapore Account.



Enhanced Navigation Service

Typical navigation services tell your customers how to get from point A to point B. Our Enhanced Navigation Service not only does that, but also recommends points of interest along their route.



Recommendation Engine Service

Unsure of what points of interest your customers may like? Our Recommendation Engine Service uses data insights to recommend points of interest based on your customers' needs, profiles and preferences.



Itinerary Planner Service

The Itinerary Planner Service generates itineraries for your customers based on their preferences as well as other factors such as traffic, weather and opening hours, so that they can enjoy a seamless visitor experience. This is tied with Visit Singapore Account to collect user profile and build a more personalised itinerary for your customers.