Travel Content & Media

Learn more about the content available and usage rights when you use the content on your digital platforms.


Types of Travel Content & Media

Travel Content & Media include content in the form of listings, images, articles and informational guides.


Usage Rights

You are encouraged to contribute and extract Travel Content & Media freely. Take note of the following guidelines when you contribute and extract Travel Content & Media:

When extracting content
  • No need to attribute
    TIH offers a wide variety of high quality content that may be difficult to obtain otherwise. You may extract content from TIH to promote Singapore as a tourism destination on your digital platforms. You are not required to give attribution for the content.
  • No need to pay royalties
    All TIH content has global, perpetual and royalty-free rights that are sub-licensable to third parties. You will have access to a wide variety of free-to-use, high quality content. The content is actively contributed by TIH users who own the content. 
  • Need to use the content accurately
    TIH content is appropriately titled and labelled (e.g. name, location, description). You must keep to the information provided by the content contributor to represent the content as intended.


When contributing content
  • No sensitive information
    Once submitted to TIH, your content can be viewed and extracted by all TIH users. You should refrain from contributing content with sensitive information and content that is inappropriate for use by others. Specifically, content that you contribute must be global, perpetual, non-exclusive and royalty-free.

  • Keep the content accurate
    You are responsible to update and maintain your content to ensure its relevance. 

  • Others can extract your content
    TIH increases the reach of your content by allowing other tourism businesses to extract your content for use on their digital channels.