Get API Key

Your API key is unique and linked to your TIH Account. Learn how to get your API key after registering for a TIH Account. Only Business Product Admin, Business Product User, Business User and Developer Accounts can get an API key.


Get API key

  1. In your TIH account, click the User icon  in the main navigation bar and click My Settings.

2. In the left navigation bar, click My Profile.

3. Scroll to Terms and Conditions.

4. Tick the checkbox for I would like to have an API key and click Save.

5. Refresh the page to see your unique API key. Your API key is a random string of characters.


Try out API key

After getting your API key, you can test your API key on TIH Developer Portal. In this tutorial, you will try requesting information from the Search Multiple Datasets By Keyword API.

  1. Click Search Multiple Datasets By Keyword API to access the developer portal.
  2. In the Query Parameters box, enter the dataset: accommodation.
  3. In the Try it out box, click Authorize... under API Key.
  4. In the Custom Token box, enter the Value: your API key. Click Ok. If successful, the text under API Key will show Custom Token.
  5. In the Try it out box, click SEND. If successful, Response will show HTTP/1.1 200 OK, followed by a list of accommodation listings.