Optimise Photography

High quality images should be part of your overall marketing strategy and are worth the investment in time and money. The images in your Product & Experience Listing create the first impression of your tourism product or experience for potential customers, determining if they choose your listing over another.

TIH image requirements

  • Must have resolution of at least 1000 x 667 pixels
  • Must not have file size exceed 20MB
  • Must be in .jpeg or .png format
  • Should have landscape orientation in ratio of 4:3


Show a variety of photos

You can add up to 10 images for each Product & Experience Listing. Tell a story with your images by adding at least 4 images. Example of images to promote a hotel:

1 Building exterior and landscape
2 Top amenities
3 Guest rooms
4 Souvenir shops, restaurants, or other unique amenities

Show your location at its best

  • Demonstrate interesting activities that customers can take part in
  • Capture scenic views at dawn, dusk or nightfall — depending on when your establishment is most popular with visitors
  • Create iconic photo spots to inspire visitors
  • Frame your location from creative photography angles

Avoid using logos

Avoid using logos as representative images of your tourism product or experience.

Avoid bad weather

Images of the outdoors should be taken during good weather. Avoid using gloomy images with rain or cloudy skies.


Avoid blurriness

Avoid using distorted or blurred images, as low resolution images give visitors a poor first impression of your business.