The Tourism Information & Services Hub (TIH) is a digital resource platform for businesses to access relevant information on Singapore's tourism offerings and travel software services.

Upon registration, you will gain access to a library of content containing over hundreds of listings across multiple categories including but not limited to attractions, bars & clubs, food & beverages and malls & shops as well as plug-and-play services like enhanced navigation and an itinerary planner. Through Application Programme Interfaces (APIs), information will also be automatically updated on all other TIH-linked tourism-related websites and mobile applications.

With TIH, you can create more exposure for your products and amplify your online marketing efforts to reach more channels and broaden your consumer base. You can also connect with key tourism businesses to explore collaborations and build synergistic partnerships.

Together, the aim is to build a vibrant and innovative tourism industry through collaboration, co-creation and innovation to empower tourists to discover what Singapore has to offer. 




Peranakan Place

As an Attraction, you could share more highlights of your attraction (latest events and images, show timings, etc.) for business partners to use and proliferate to a wider audience.

If you are a Travel Agent, tours could be a key content component to contribute to TIH to extend the reach and exposure of your tours to a wider audience. 

As a Hotel, you can contribute key information (latest offers, services and/or F&B events) to create enhanced awareness of your offerings. If your hotel is integrated to TIH via API, the updates will be automatic.

Should you be an App Developer, you could use ready APIs and travel software services like Enhanced Navigation Services to develop immersive Singapore experiences for your customers and the travel industry.

Whether you are a tourism business, technology provider or a creative agency, you will have access to our repository of rich information, images and travel software services, which you could augment for your digital channels. 





Publishing and accessing information is easy. 

You can connect with TIH via an Application Programme Interface (API). This means that you are integrated directly with TIH, with your updates reflected automatically. 

You can also connect to TIH manually without API integration, to upload, edit and refresh your information, while easily accessing content for your digital channels.